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History of the Thailand Chapter

On October 3, 1994, Tom Leber and some close friends gathered in his garage and founded the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club.

The result was an organization built on the principle of camaraderie and diversity. A brotherhood bounded by principles instead of borders. Since then, the Mad Dogs have set fire to the streets of the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and China....and further ...creating The Standard for Motorcycle Clubs in South East Asia..

Mad Dog MC Thailand was the first Mad Dog MC Chapter chartered outside of the Philippines.

Tom Leber personally brought over nine sets of Colors, and MDMC Thailand was born 9th September 1999 (9.9.99) with 9 Members who were based in Bangkok!

The Chapter went through a reorganisation which saw its base move to Pattaya in 2003 where it continues to thrive, upholding the founding values of MDMC; namely, brotherhood and riding.

As with all Mad Dog MC Chapters, the Thai Chapter benefits from its diversity, with over a dozen different nationalities and supports the community through various social initiatives.

Founder's Message

Mad Dog Motorcycle Club was a product of evolution rather than planning. Living outside the States for over 10 years, I figured I'd better buy a Harley in the Philippines or risk "missing the boat." So I did... that was early 1994.

From initial visions of riding with Harleys only, I soon realized there just weren't enough Hogs actually on the road in the P.I., and they were so expensive (how about US$ 45,000 for a nearly stock Fat Boy!), few could afford to buy one. Soon the Harley-only idea became "anything except Japanese bikes." That worked a bit better, and we ended up with a few more guys for our weekly informal Saturday rides. But eventually, logic hit me. It's not the bike, it's the biker. With that, any "easy rider" - style bike was welcome to join our informal rides.

The Saturday rides always ended up in my garage area in Makati for a few beers and the usual winding-down roadwar B.S. sessions. It was during one of these sessions Mad Dog MC was born. Encouraging Harleys but accepting all cruisers, we agreed MDMC would be about brotherhood and riding, not politics and meetings. To affirm our commitment, we agreed to design and get a Club tattoo. (None of us had tats at the time). And so it was...the beginning of MDMC, October 1994.

Pure to the purpose of our founding, we clocked up the mileage. We rode all over the country in all kinds of conditions as the Club built up its membership, biker-by-biker. Priceless experiences just never stopped. Today we are a much larger organization, but the spirit of our "garage" days lives on as it must. Brotherhood, riding, helping people along the way, leaving a place better than it was before we arrived...these things comprise the soul of MDMC and define why we are Mad Dogs. To let it get more complex than that would be sacrificing the purity of its purpose.


Tom Leber

MDMC # 2

MDMC is a Bike Club with a diverse, interesting and no nonsense attitude to riding and to others. It takes much more than a tattoo and a Harley or big cruiser to become a Dog. Mad Dog Motorcycle Club members are acquired by invitation only. A Club for Harley Davidson and large bore cruisers, the group only accepts motorcyclists dedicated to free spirited riding and brotherhood.

Membership is strictly by invitation only. Several members in good standing typically sponsor a prospective candidate. Prior to becoming a Prospect for the Club, it is strongly advised to “hang around” Members to get a better idea about our Club, about our riding style, and about our brotherhood. Recruits have to be sponsored by two Members in Good.Standing and complete a strict 'Prospect' period, which is a minimum of at least 6 months.

Riding with someone through long distances requires a lot of skill and trust. The prospect stage makes sure that you've got what it takes to be with the Club. This is why not everyone makes it as a full pledged member. And yes, there is a way to shorten it...quit before its over.

MDMC Membership

MDMC Chapters

MDMC has Chapters in the Philippines (Manila and Angeles), Japan (Fukuoka & Tokyo), Thailand (Pattaya), Singapore, Hong Kong, and in Beijing China...

We have no affiliate clubs and we're not "hang arounds" for other clubs. MDMC respects the other MC Clubs...


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=175= “Wingnutt”

John Rushton

29 May 1963 - 27 May 2009

=126= "Puff"

Andrew Cushman

30 May 1947 - 8 August 2007

=158= "Horse"

John Wilson

19 July 1965 - 20 February 2006